The Judge, Mr Stephen Booth provided comment for the day saying that he enjoyed the competition across the Marlborough region. Stephen said that unlike other South Island dairy regions that have increasing dairy herds, this region has pressure of land use from the wine industry and now farms are moving further up the valleys where forestry is in full production. “The challenges of summer dry, water use and high rainfall valleys bring challenges to the farmers to raise young stick to optimum growth before coming into milk production. Generally having a high quality farm did not always result in great condition heifers as the heifers in the Rai Valley were well conditioned despite the challenge of being raised high in the hills. Again having a larger operation did not detract from the quality of young stock as the farmers applied the same rearing skills to produce a winning group.”

Mr Booth went onto say that Breed choice does not influence the result either as the individual farmers in the competition have many different ways to get the best result for their young stock.

Stephen said that he had followed the A&P heifer competitions with interest as many farmers have stopped exhibiting stock at local shows. He said that the goals of putting your best in the eye of the public is being maintained with this competition as the effort required is much less than taking a heifer to the show. “The things I looked and scored are the same as in a show ring and believe well grown, good condition and sound functional conformation lead to long lasting stock on any farm.”

“I commend the entrants putting their stock on display as the public perception of dairy animals is portrayed in some instances in a negative way. These competitions are not getting the deserved media attention to highlight the excellence our farming community strives for.”

Thanks to our supporters PGG Wrightson, Semex, Farmlands, Agricentre, Marlborough Jersey Club, Marlborough Holstein Breeders Club

1ST  Woolley Family 89 points
2nd Parlan/Pelorus Holsteins 78 points
3rd Evan & Katrina White – Birch Hill 67 points
 1st  Evan & Katrina White - Dunbeath  82 points
 2nd  Evan & Katrina White – SH63  72 points
 3rd  Evan & Katrina White – Birch Hill  67 points
 1st  Parlan/Pelorus Holsteins  87 points
 2nd  Woolley Family  86 points
 3rd  AA & MD White  75 points
 1st  Evan & Katrina White – SH63  84 Points
 2nd  Evan & Katrina White – Bookby Rd  81 points
Our congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all our sponsors and participants.

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